value and values

Value & Values

In a commercially driven world, it’s easy to not look far beyond the bottom line. Margins are everything. Efficiencies are everything. The value to the customer is everything.

At Compleat Food Network however, we believe that it is possible to balance cost effective competitive edge with a different sort of value.

Expert quality control, and full traceability of produce comes as standard with all contracts placed with us. We are accredited and certified with both BRC and Red Tractor, in addition to being members of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), because we believe that only the highest standards of supply chain management and product provenance will do.

And if you think that this focus on ethics comes at a cost to margins, think again. Our economies of scale and deep relationships with a global network of similarly minded suppliers ensures that consumers, and the businesses that serve them, can afford to be conscious.