Compleat Customer Experience

The Compleat Customer Experience

At Compleat Food Network, it’s not enough for us to supply the world’s finest ingredients at incredible prices, we want to outshine the competition at customer service too.

That’s why we’ve just undertaken the largest customer satisfaction survey in the company’s history, selecting businesses both large and small that depend on our professionalism, and asked them what they thought of us.

We didn’t ask easy questions because we’re not interested in superficial answers, only in developing every aspect of our product offering and service delivery to deliver the most consistently exceptional customer experience alongside our world class products.

Over 95% of customers surveyed felt that Compleat Food Network:

Has a superb range of high quality ingredients and an impressive focus on NPD
Is always willing to go the extra mile when meeting customer expectations
Pays personal attention to the things that matter in product and service delivery
• Is responsive to market trends and price fluctuation, putting the customer first
Has an outstanding Technical team to ensure flawless specification and quality
Makes customer’s lives easier through reliable delivery on both product and promises
Builds strong relationships based on offering the best prices, product and service

At Compleat, we always aim to add value to the customer experience at every step of the process, from initial enquiry to delighted delivery. We’ll keep you informed of the latest cresting food trends whilst our experienced and professional teams cater to every aspect of each order, saving you both time and money.

Experience the Compleat Food Network service today and discover why our customers prize us for more than just our perfect products.

In March 2018, 30 of Compleat Food Network’s customers were selected for the survey, and respondents were asked nine different questions about their customer experience.