Seriously Good Salmon

Seriously Good Salmon

As more and more consumers reduce or replace their meat intake, the demand for high calibre alternatives has increased and salmon has taken centre stage. In addition to being a superb source of protein, Salmon has naturally occuring levels of Omega 3 and Vitamins D and B12, making it a perfect choice for today’s health conscious consumer.

Our Scottish Atlantic Salmon is skinless and boneless, which is deliciously ideal for all sandwiches, wraps and fillings. Rich in natural flavour and free from artificial preservatives, the product is poached in its own juices, we simply add a pinch of salt to the process. The exceptional taste is locked in, immaculately preserved, and it’s ready to use from opening.

We produce from sustainable British sources and pack our salmon domestically at the UK’s only fish cannery. At a time when the Alaskan harvest is generating significant price and supply instability, we consistently deliver dependable and cost-effective quality all year round.

Compleat Salmon is expertly canned, keeping its superb taste over a long shelf life, and economically delivered in industry favoured 3.1kg and 4kg tins. With over four generations of direct experience in fish production, we provide flexibility, responsiveness and exceptional customer service as standard with every order.

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