Pack a pouch!

The Benefits of Pouch Products Over Tinned

Compleat Food Network is a forward thinking business, committed to developing innovative, sustainable practices wherever possible, and we believe that there are many reasons why pouched products represent an evolution in packaging over tinned goods.

We have been supplying ingredients in pouches for years, and our growing range includes: gherkins, beetroot, sweetcorn, mushrooms, jalapeños, pulses, tuna and salmon.

Pouch products have a long shelf life and excellent taste quality, in addition to the following benefits over canned products:

  • Quicker to open
  • No risk of metal swarf and sharp metal
  • Less preserving liquid required
  • Higher level of organoleptic properties maintained
  • More on each pallet – a reduction in transport costs and storage space needed
  • Pouches take up much less room for disposal

At Compleat Food Network, we think you’ll appreciate the benefits of pouched products too. Get in touch today to find out more about our superb range.