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Welcome to Compleat Food Network, an innovative business dedicated to serving up your exact food and ingredient needs. Our global reach delivers access to an ever-growing network of exceptional producers and products, whilst our fully accredited best practice processes ensure that your specific requirements are met on time, on budget, every time.

From initial order to scheduled delivery, our professional customer service teams are ready to discuss and surpass commercial expectations. We think you’ll find Compleat Food Network to be a refreshing and rewarding commercial partner. Please take a look around our website and find out why.

Latest Posts

CFN Gherkins

Serve up some Sunshine

We have a fantastic range of staple ingredients available from Compleat Food Network. Whether for salads, pickles, sauces or other menu ideas we’re sure you’ll find ingredients to suit your needs. Our comprehensive network of suppliers ensures that Compleat Food Network can offer highly competitive pricing, full technical assistance and exceptional customer service as standard […]

Ancient Grains

Ancient Grains Range

Here at Compleat Food Network we offer a full spectrum of products from all corners of the globe. We’re sure you will be familiar with some of our ancient grains, but we hope there are a few surprises here too. These ancient grains can be used in so many different ways and add a variety […]

Yellow Sweetydrop Peppers

Yellow Sweetydrop Peppers

Pep up your products! Another taste sensation from Compleat Food Network. Fresh from the success of the Red Sweetydrop, Compleat Food Network now also stock the wonderful new Yellow Sweetydrop Pepper. Grown in Peru the Yellow Sweetydrop has a unique taste that it both sweet and sour. Try these small, tear shaped peppers in a […]

CFN quinoa

Get Ahead Of The Grain

There are so many different grains available now which are great for adding flavour, texture and something different to your menu offerings, and Compleat Food Network provides a fantastic selection of innovative options. Two grain options that are new to us are our pouched quinoa and IQF spelt, we deliver exceptional quality and long shelf life […]