Cultured Dairy

A specialist in cultured dairy, Compleat Food Network offers an exceptional selection of superb products, flexible in quantity, for all commercial food needs.

Strict quality control procedures ensure that our dairy products always conform to the highest standards of food safety, whilst our efficient delivery network keeps all Compleat Food Network dairy arriving fresh and chilled to perfection. Our selection includes:


  • Set Very Low Fat Yoghurt
  • Stirred Low Fat Yoghurt
  • Stirred Full Fat Natural Yoghurt
  • Greek Style Yoghurt
  • Strained Yoghurt


  • Salted and Unsalted Sweetcream
  • Lactic

Soured Cream and Crème Fraiche

  • Set Soured Cream
  • Reduced Fat Set Soured Cream
  • Stirred Soured Cream
  • Stirred Sour Cream & Chives
  • Crème Fraiche
  • Reduced Fat Crème Fraiche