Compleat Food Network has arrived

Following the strategic acquisition of Food Network Ltd by Compleat Ltd, we are very pleased to announce the creation and formal brand launch of Compleat Food Network.

This has significantly increased the scope of our commercial operations, including expanded supply chains, wider product ranges at our dedicated depot, and larger Sales and Customer Service teams. With over 20 years of collective knowledge and expertise, the team at Compleat Food Network also draws upon increased economies of scale to develop a pricing structure that remains one of the most competitive in the industry.

Compleat Food Network has rolled out a fully refreshed brand identity for the business, and we have launched our dedicated new website to showcase the extensive range of ingredients and services that we provide. We will be frequently updating this site with market news and additional product lines, so watch this space regularly for the latest developments.

Our expert sales teams are always on hand to offer insightful advice, superb customer service and competitive pricing on exceptional ingredients drawn from across the globe. Get in touch today to find out how our professionals can help yours.