Compleat Food Network sets the standard with BRC

As part of our ongoing commitment to becoming the UK’s most trusted, flexible and cost effective supplier of food ingredients, Compleat Food Network Ltd has been accredited with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Agents and Brokers standard

We’re delighted to announce the achievement, which is the result of over a year’s work and investment, and it means that we are one of only a handful of brokers that are accredited to the highest standards in food procurement and supply in the UK.

All Compleat Food Network customers will now be able to cite the BRC accreditation within their own audit trail on all orders placed with us, in addition to gaining the following benefits:

  • Confidence – from initial quote to final delivery, our systems are designed to provide amongst the highest UK standards in purchasing, product traceability and technical delivery for all orders. Being certified against the BRC Agents and Brokers Standard means that all Compleat Food Network orders are placed with absolute customer confidence in every stage of the process
  • Quality – Compleat Food Network only sources products from reputable suppliers who can demonstrate the high standards our customers expect, and we conduct rigorous internal and external checks and audits amongst all suppliers to ensure that our products are always of a dependably high quality
  • Cost savings – the efficiencies that Compleat Food Network has evolved through the BRC process translate into greater cost savings for our customers. We will always be amongst the most competitive in the industry across all product categories that we work in.

Whatever the food or ingredient requirement, Compleat Food Network offers unparalleled customer service, flexible quantities, and a full spectrum of cost effective food options at your fingertips. We’re confident that you will find our approach refreshing, whilst we hope our BRC accreditation is testimony to how seriously we take each and every order placed with us.

Next time you’re looking for a different ingredient, or a different way to do business, get in touch with Compleat Food Network. We’re the World’s Food Network.