Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

Be A Smooth Operator

Create the perfect blend with Compleat Food Network.

Smoothies and smoothie bowls have been gaining popularity this year with both sweet and savoury additions to colourful bowls of fruit and vegetables. A perfect breakfast start for a new generation of health and taste conscious consumers, smoothie bowls present a distinct creative and commercial opportunity for the food industry.

At CFN we have all the ingredients for making fanatstic smoothie bowls and the passion and knowledge to help you find the right combination for your customers.

Feast your eyes on the following ingredients and pick your favourite mix, then get in touch to discover how our great products and smooth delivery with bowl you over.

Acai Exotic Berries Banana Puree Spinach
Turmeric Beetroot Shredded Coconut Honey
Pineapple Almonds Bio Yoghurt Yuzu
Kale Avocadoes Assorted Nuts Fruit Zests
Chia Seeds Peach Oats Natural Yoghurt
Mandarin Greek Style Yoghurt Rosehip Vanilla