The Compleat Story
A Great British success story, Compleat Food Network combines an exceptional and evolving spectrum of products with fully accredited best practice, to deliver an outstanding, highly effective service.

A forward thinking family business

For almost two decades, a family run business has been quietly growing into one of the most forward thinking and progressive suppliers of food and ingredients to the UK market.

Passionate about Food & Service

As the Compleat name suggests, the business had far reaching commercial ambitions from the beginning, aspiring to provide the most comprehensive global portfolio of high quality product, backed up by an approach to customer service that was second to none. Above all, we love the product we sell and the service we provide.

Global Network of Suppliers

As the global network of suppliers within the Compleat umbrella increased and diversified, so did the customer base, and the business has grown, year on year, every year since its inception.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Placing full traceability of product and transparency of service at the heart of what it does, Compleat Food Network has obtained every relevant accreditation and certification of exceptional process, in addition to a consistent A1 credit rating.

Expanding our Core Strengths

In 2016, the business acquired Food Network Ltd, a strategic purchase that strengthened core competencies and increased logistical capacity. Incorporated as Compleat Food Network, an exciting new chapter in this success story begins.

Welcome to Compleat Food Network

Innovative and evolving product lines, responsive customer service and great value.

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