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From initial order to scheduled delivery, our professional customer service teams are ready to discuss and surpass commercial expectations. We think you’ll find Compleat Food Network to be a refreshing and rewarding commercial partner. Please take a look around our website and find out why.

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Seriously Good Salmon

Seriously Good Salmon

As more and more consumers reduce or replace their meat intake, the demand for high calibre alternatives has increased and salmon has taken centre stage. In addition to being a superb source of protein, Salmon has naturally occuring levels of Omega 3 and Vitamins D and B12, making it a perfect choice for today’s health […]

new flavoured and coloured noodles

New Flavoured and Coloured Noodles

When is a noodle not a noodle? When it’s a Compleat Food Network Noodle. In addition to our expansive range of traditional noodles and celebrated selection of high protein varieties, we present you with fresh ways to add taste, depth and contrast to your noodle meals. Spice up your menus with our new delicately infused […]

jackfruit available from Compleat Food Network

Jackfruit Emerges as Strong Player in Meat Free Menus

As tastes shift, and health conscious consumers increasingly explore a variety of meat free alternatives, the once humble Jackfruit has taken centre stage. Indigenous to India and South East Asia, Jackfruit is a member of the fig family that has enjoyed phenomenal recent sales growth due to its stringy, meat-like consistency, comparable with chicken or […]

Compleat Customer Experience

The Compleat Customer Experience

At Compleat Food Network, it’s not enough for us to supply the world’s finest ingredients at incredible prices, we want to outshine the competition at customer service too. That’s why we’ve just undertaken the largest customer satisfaction survey in the company’s history, selecting businesses both large and small that depend on our professionalism, and asked […]